“It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold.
What matters is that you are flowering” ― Osho (via epikhi)

idk whats goin on with my hair today


i need feminism because i just found this in a magazine aimed at 8-13 year old girls and im going to throw up


Semi normal pictures that I didn’t fuck up from yesterday.


Ceramic Skull Planter

Accent your home with a touch of creepiness. Crafted out of ceramic, these planters resemble a human skull and will make a perfect home to your household plants. Sold on Etsy.


if they dont play ‘year 3000’ at least once on the new year’s of 3000 i will literally rise out of my grave and set everyone on fire


thank u professor of moth studies i like u

ray and i in our own way sum up the problem of cissexism and attacking cissexists.

funny thing is i used to be terrified of moths but now i love them

like idk everyone loves butterflies and they’re lovely ya but

moths are so cool and furry and cute and they flutter around your light at night and just wanna chill and keep warm

i love them



moths are my only friends

im unfollowing u for this

shush they r my friends u cant take them away from me

also i tagged the other post so u can blacklist it i dont wanna freak u out

moths are my only friends